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Death of green growth and decoupling

Since the IPCC report in August 2021, voices defending possible green growth or decoupling are becoming increasingly rare. The word green growth is no longer really used by politicians, even if some still dare to speak of responsible growth, production ecology, etc. After a year 2020 where we had observed a significant decrease in global […]

Guide to survive a family dinner as an ecologist

Not a day goes by without you being confronted with it. You are the environmentalist of the family. The environmentalist of the office, or of the group of friends. While you think that global warming should be the priority of our concerns, they think that you are exaggerating, that we have time, that whatever happens […]

Are individual actions really responsible for 25% of emissions?

In recent years, we have seen a clash between individual and collective actions. After hearing in 2017 that “100 companies are responsible for 71% of emissions“, we now hear “individual actions are responsible for only 25% of emissions, collective ones for 75%!“. This 25% is claimed by environmental activists, public figures (Gaël Giraud, François Gemenne, […]

Influencers are burning the planet: Let’s call them out!

For a few months now, the tide has been turning for influencers on social media. Until now, a round-trip to Dubai on a private jet was seen as a sign of “success”, as being a “cool” person. But more and more people are becoming aware of something rather uncool: climate change. Being quite active on […]

You’re an ecologist but you have an iPhone

You’re an ecologist and you’re on social media! You’re ecologist but you have an iPhone! The hypocrisy of ecologists, as usual!” Mention ecology and you will inevitably be confronted with this type of remark. Whether on the Internet or at a family dinner, after a few exchanges, it is not uncommon for the person you […]

Is the Amazon rainforest moving towards a tipping point?

The Amazon is perhaps the first topic in our climate series that 100% of our readers have heard of. This natural region of South America that we studied at school is so immense and rich that it can’t leave anyone indifferent. The Amazon rainforest is often under the spotlight because of the massive deforestation it […]

10 easy actions to go green

Following this letter, which was addressed to parents and grandparents (and which could very well have been addressed to children, brothers and sisters…), I received the following remark: “and now, what do we do? Your letter is very good, but what do we do now? You should make a list of 5 to 10 actions, […]

Upcoming heatwaves: 50°C summers in France?

“A 50°C heatwave in Paris by 2050? Stop exaggerating about your global warming!“ When thinking about global warming, expecting multiple heatwaves in the coming decades is the most intuitive. If you are old enough to remember the 2003 heatwave, or more recently 2019 one, it is very likely that such weather events are not so […]

Instagram, greenwashing without limits

For a long time I thought Linkedin was the ultimate in greenwashing. That was without counting on Instagram, where some companies and influencers are having a field day spreading their deceptive and misleading practices. Even if you don’t have Instagram, it’s still a very good thing to know what’s going on there, to avoid the […]

The Bon Pote infographics

So that they don’t get lost in the meanders of social media, you can now find all the Bon Pote infographics in this article! They are very good complements to the articles and have many advantages: A quick read of the news: the essentials presented in a few ideas or figures They can be shared […]

Does punitive ecology make sense?

Since the Citizen’s Climate Convention made its 150 proposals last summer, the expression “punitive ecology” has been used extensively, both by the press and by certain political figures. Its use is anything but random, and is not new. Where does this expression come from? How long has it been popular? Who uses it? Which political […]

Why I (finally) quit my job

‘In the middle of Covid, it’s really not the time to quit your job’ I’ve heard that phrase about 50 times this year. With the pandemic, it was certainly not in 2020 that we had to take risks. It’s never really the time. There is always a good excuse not to leave your comfort zone: […]

How can you estimate your carbon footprint ?

How can you estimate your carbon footprint, or climate footprint ? How can you know if your lifestyle is compatible with a sustainable world ? If you are asking yourself this question, you made a considerable step forward and probably care a lot about the environment. Congratulations ! In order to make your life easier, I tried out […]

Why stop flying to tackle climate change

Is flying an ecological nonsense? As a prologue, I’d like to quote what physicist-climatologist and author of the fifth IPCC report François-Marie Bréon said in a hearing at the National Assembly in July 2019: “I think the vast majority of people don’t realise what it means to go carbon neutral, or even to divide our […]

Who pollutes: Total or the citizen?

It was while doing my daily two minutes in hell Twitter that I came across a message from Le réveilleur that bounced off a Greenpeace tweet, whose message was quite provocative: ‘Total’s carbon footprint is equal to France’s’. For personal reasons, I love it when people bash Total, I’m the first to do so. Even […]

Why move to Dubai?

Money For the past few years, I have seen my closest friends move abroad: Miami, Singapore, Toulouse, Haute-Savoie. After a flurry of departures to Luxembourg (for the climate), the latest trend is a little more exotic: Dubai. With Pierre-Alexandre, we decided to go to Dubai with our children, because we only think about the money […]