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But who are you, Bon Pote ?

A guy who means well. A good samaritan.

Above all, a curious person who is interested in everything. I was lucky enough to understand at a young age that even the dumbest person in the world can teach you something. And this something, I try to assimilate it, improve it, and share it.

I have a huge geek background behind me. Hours and hours spent behind a computer, looking for performance, improving myself… Then I started doing the same thing in real life.

What is the purpose of the site?

If after reading an article, you feel you’ve learned something. Then I’ve won everything.

If you didn’t learn anything but had a smile on your face, then I won everything.

If you took the trouble to reply to a topic, and give your opinion, then, I won everything.

Are you an expert on each topic?

Not a big fan of the word expert. As Eric Ries says in Lean Start up, any guy who has read 3 books on a subject is a self-proclaimed expert. Beware of the word expert.

What do you do during the day?

I’m trying to bring ethics to an environment that is woefully lacking in them.

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