MGTOW : the movement Men Going Their Own Way

MGTOW. The what ? The MGTOW. Pronounced ‘MIG TOW’. Men Going Their Own Way. Curious and in order to make a constructive criticism, I went to dig the subject. Let’s see what is this universe.

Who are the MGTOWs?

The movement was born (as always) in the United States in the 2000s. Definition of the manifesto on their site :

MGTOW is a declaration of ownership over sovereignty’. It is the right to say NO. It’s rejecting the preconceived notions and silly cultural habits that define a man today. Do not try to fit into social norms.
Refuse to kneel down and be enslaved like a common object. To live first for one’s own interests in a world where this is not appropriate’.

So far, nothing very divisive. Except maybe the last sentence: if everyone thinks first of his own interest before the one of the others or of the society, our little cocoon of comfort will very quickly turn into a line 13 in rush hour (and a planet on fire).

Official MGTOW logo A road sign, with 2 choices, either go straight or turn right, the path to freedom
Official MGTOW logo

What are the key points of MGTOW?

After a few hours spent on their official website and related forums, here are a few points that come out:

  • The intrinsic nature of the woman is very interested, therefore they will seek the most powerful partner. In our modern societies, this translates into the richest man (very true after school, before school, power lies in beauty: yes, you can date Jean-Kévin, the big moron from high school, even with a 3 GPA, he’s still the most beautiful).
  • The woman’s nature includes hedonism, inability to think in the long term, materialism and a sexual aggressiveness translated by a permanent latent seduction.
Image illustrating Leonardo Dicaprio, totally victim of his wife's charms, far from what the MGTOW wants
Calm down, Leo
  • Technological changes and political actions have favored women and exposed men to a difficult situation: the contraceptive pill or divorces are an example, where the advantage is very clearly given to women regarding child custody.
  • Contrary to what feminists say, it is men who are disadvantaged in society The suicide rate among men is higher, there is more unemployment among men, and they are very often involved in work that is considered hard (road repair, the army…).

As everyone knows, the numbers are as easily manipulatedas a BFM TV fan #CourbeduchômageHollande. All this is rather easy to refute: equal pay, late voting rights… It’s an invention Jean-Luc?

MGTOW & the red pill

In reference to the movie Matrix, the ‘real’ MGTOWs take the red pill, and are therefore ready to see the world as it is. As opposed to the blue pill, where the man remains in an artificial world, seeking at all costs to please and satisfy the expectations of women.

This is one of the key points of the movement: to detach oneself from the sexual attraction exerted by women to be free. When we know that men think about sex on average once every 28 minutes, it is true that after reflection, we would certainly be more intelligent if we thought a little less with our favorite toy.

The red pill, that of the MGTOW, or return to the classical world, without interest
Well done, NEO

“The man can’t win against the woman”

Based on everything that has been said before, the man will lose out in any type of relationship that includes a woman in our modern societies. Therefore, man must follow ‘his own path’ until society undergoes a revolution or a profound reform.

First and foremost present on the internet, the movement sees many youtubers preach the good word and present their incredible life post red pill: free spirit, and above all, no need to spend half of your salary to go out Jeanine on Saturday night. a video as an example:

I don’t hide from you that his way of speaking and his way of being 300% American got the better of my patience. On the other hand, the ‘comments’ part is quite revealing of the members of this movement:

  • ‘Men going their own way? Men guarding their own wallets.’
  • ‘No child support… No alimony, No complaining… sounds good to me..’
  • ‘If you waste your youth chasing females you will end up nowhere. Chase excellence’
  • ‘The only thing a woman hates more than a man is seeing a man not under her control.’ ‘Smart men don’t get married. MGTOW’

Criticism and reflections

First of all, this movement has the merit of being apolitical: no politician has boasted of being affiliated with this movement. Next, two important points:

  • A MGTOW is not looking for power, nor money: he is just looking for the means to live his life as he wants (from playstation to lamborghini, according to his desires), but he does not live for others.
  • There is rarely smoke without fire. The political extremes would not exist if the classical parties did their job. Femens would not exist if misogyny did not exist. Religious extremists would not exist if the religion in question did not leave room for interpretation. The same is true for MGTOWs. If some men feel aggrieved, it is important to try to understand their problems and try to solve them, whether they are right or wrong.

If a man joins the MGTOW, and he sticks to the ideas, it will not have any negative consequences for your life. Better yet, he won’t try to steal your girlfriend. Religion should work exactly the same way: one person’s freedom ends where another’s begins. As the MC friend Jean Gabin used to say, ‘know that religion is not a sprint but a long-distance race, so think of those who have been practicing for 40 years, and who don’t make a fuss about it.

As long as a person finds in a movement something to develop, without harming others, why not?

The Community Effect

The deplorable thing about the last few years is that you can no longer lift a finger without being associated with a movement. You don’t drink alcohol? Ohhhhhh, you must be a Muslim, a straight edge or a freak. Don’t you eat fish? Here we go… another vegan. what a mess.

Like all communities, there are not only geniuses among the MGTOW. You will see many of them displaying their hatred of women (see their French FB page). A nice majority of frustrated people who probably didn’t manage to get Jennifer, the prettiest girl in school.
Finally, their way of presenting which turns to sensationalism (on their official site) and the simple fact of using authors, even quotations of scientists is really close to intellectual manipulation for decerebrates. Not sure if Isaac Newton would like to be quoted on your site, guys.

The last word

Until today, the two explosive topics were simple. say the words ‘religion’ or ‘politics‘ at a dinner party, take a step back, a bowl of popcorn, and you hit the jackpot. MGTOW has the same characteristics: everyone will be on the defensive after having explained these five words: MEN GOING THEIR OWN WAY. Look closely at the faces, it works.

To quote an illustrious fellow traveler: before you start hating women, remember where you came from, and who changed your diapers a few years ago. Relax, it will be fine.

BONUS : Garcia at his best

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  1. A different thought 30 March 2023

    A man without a clear purpose in life finds women

  2. Demogorgon 27 November 2022

    I dont agree in not pursuing money. To be poor is being weak, mediocre, failure. Also i dont agree with this concept of matrix at all, the situation here is different from this concept. We choose to be alone because i cant be better than this world(matrix).

  3. MGTOW 3 November 2022

    Anti-MGTOW = Anti-Man (misandry)

  4. Barb 25 October 2022

    I lurked on the MGTOW website for years. I am a female. I never experienced ‘toxic masculinity’. Just men who decided they had had enough. Most of the men DID get the Jennifers, actually. These were, for the most part, intelligent men with excellent jobs who had been divorce raped, a couple of times, and found the courts very unfair with regard to their children. Also, if ever there was violent ideation expressed, toward women, those members were thrown off the website. MGTOW did not tolerate violent or inappropriate ideation. However, they were a male support group with male bonding. I thought it refreshing because, on the whole men NEVER usually give one another this type of support. It is usually only women who get together to discuss and support in groups. But the men have become more conscious and tired of feeling like worker bees and drones with no rewards. The main MGTOW website was filled with quality men. I can’t speak for other websites. Too bad it has been taken down. I think it very unfair. Men have the right to get together and talk about whatever they want. They weren’t hurting anyone, truly. They had the right to lick their wounds and adopt any type of lifestyle they want. They were also not selfish, I felt, because, offering copious advice and support to one another, really trying to help. I was ashamed of the women who really sounded like sour grapes and angry at the movement. But, I feel, women have lost the franchise. We didn’t value ourselves enough to be our best selves and lost sight of what is important, our values. Men jumped ship.

  5. kelly nestegard 17 October 2022

    So far, nothing very divisive. Except maybe the last sentence: if everyone thinks first of his own interest before the one of the others or of the society, our little cocoon of comfort will very quickly turn into a line 13 in rush hour (and a planet on fire).
    This logic is faulty. We all think of our own genes first. But you posit that we must do exactly the opposite or chaos will rapidly follow.
    You’re either very dishonest and trying to deceive, or not very bright.

  6. Fact 19 September 2022

    With so many very brainless, clueless, and worthless women everywhere these days, which really makes MGTOW a real lifesaver today.

  7. A Different Thought 23 August 2022

    MGTOW started out as a philosophy rather than a movement, but slowly it has has become kind of a movement as more young men get into MGTOW circles and “buddy up” to rescue more men from the feemale

  8. m 11 August 2022

    Mgtow is not misogyny, but a movement that opposes Misandry and believes that feminism is matriarchy and Misandry.


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